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Freedom of Information Act


Our Firm’s Main Goal Is To Provide Expert And Aggressive Legal Representation With Integrity In Action In The Following Matters:

Freedom of Information Act

FBI Check/Freedom of Information Act Records Retrieval

FBI Background Check – Conveniently take your fingerprints in our office by a certified specialist, submission of fingerprint card to FBI keeping a confidentiality of the person; Attorney’s review the FBI results which reveal criminal and deportation history of the individual; create a personalized plan of action for each individual case. Freedom of Information Act — Obtain copies of all documents filed with the USCIS or from Immigration Court; Attorney’s review of FOIA results with creation of a personalized plan of action for each individual case. To supplement your file, or to help us determine your legal needs, we can help you fill out the forms to request a FBI Background Check, or to obtain a complete record of your immigration file through the a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). If you have a previous arrest charge, a FBI Background Check can provide us with the disposition of arrest, the date of arrest and the actual arrest charge. Both the FBI Check and the Immigration Records obtained through the FOIA, help us to determine your immigration status, and make the filing of future applications that much easier.